1 Jun

So, why do people dream? I’ve always wondered that. According to Wikipedia (Sorry, I’m not going to reference whatever thing shit) Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Wow, what a definition. From what I’ve heard, some people say that dreams occur when you are really tired. Some have said that you also dream about the thing that you have been thinking about the whole day. So which of it is really true? There isn’t really an answer huh?

I love dreaming. When I dream, somehow it feels so real that I don’t want to wake up. For the good dreams of course. I’ve had really horrible nightmares that sometimes I wake up feeling as if it was all real. Anyways, I guess I am mostly having Lucid Dreams. (Lucid dreaming is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming. In this state a person usually has control over characters and the environment of the dream as well as the dreamer’s own actions within the dream.) So I create my own world in my dream? MIND BLOWN. After watching the movie, Inception, it was MIND BLOWING x13298129074. I had to watch the movie twice to understand it and after watching, my perception of dreams changed. Even though ‘Inception’ isn’t even real! But what if it were to be possible 50 years down the road? I hope I’ll still be alive.

So when you wake up can you recall your dream? Sometimes I could only recall it in the morning and then forget it in the afternoon but up till now I can still recall those awesome dreams that I’ve had! Call me weird but I used to have a dream journal where I wrote down all my dreams. Yeahhh.

Also, I’ve wondered if dreams are the opposite of reality then why do we have Déjà vu? Ever wondered that?? When Déjà vu happens, it freaks me out. Really.

I hope I dream tonight. Goodnight.



What ever happened to old school?

25 May

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, technology wasn’t so advanced. The toys or games that I played weren’t on the iPod, the iPhone or even the iPad or even the computer. Yes, Apple hadn’t invented those yet and I have to say I am honestly glad. Growing up I played with toys/ games like:

         (yes I played Pokemon)

I had simple toys and I had teddy bears and I was really happy. There wasn’t a need to play with something so advanced or something that gives out so much Radiation. When I see young children nowadays, many of them are either playing with hand-phones or iPhones. So engrossed in the game and so focused. It’s as if their lives depended on it. There was once, I saw a girl about 5 years old using the iPhone. That really turned me off for some reason. Now, If I were to ask children what kind of toys they play with or even show them pictures of old school toys/games, I am positive that at least one will not know what I am talking about.

Sometimes, it leaves me to wonder, if children as young as 5 year old are already using such technology, who knows maybe 30 years down the road with technology more advanced, 1 year old babies will already be using handphones. Wow, Genius babies huh.

You know how they had those kind of Tetris “game-boys” last time? Yeah, I really feel like playing with it now but I just can’t find it anywhere! Why??? Because now there is online Tetris. Sighs.

So to all you children out there who are engrossed in their whatever technology, don’t be so engrossed if not you eyes will become cocked eyes. The radiation might also harm you. Someday…..

When I Grow Up……

18 May

It’s time for another ‘ass kicking’ entry (homework) well because Storytelling is tomorrow. So this time, I have decided to write on how I spent most of the 6 months after Os ended.

How many of you have asked yourself recently or maybe when you were young “What do I want to be when I grow up?”. I’ve always thought that my first job would be at the age of 20 or maybe I wouldn’t even get a job. Never in a million years would I have imagined that my first job was to serve people and not people serve me. Yoguru. I doubt many of you have heard of it (WHICH IS A PITY) but yeah that was my ‘home’ for 4 months. I wasn’t really too keen on the job at first mainly cause I don’t do well serving people but like my dad kept on saying “Get out of the house, don’t waste my electricity” -.- and i’m glad he said that.

So Yoguru (http://www.yoguru.com.sg/index.html) is a froyo shop and the moment I started working, I felt so grown up. I messed up on my first day. The person left me by the shop all by myself and I was just . . . . . .  . My swirling wasn’t perfect, I had no idea how to work the cash register and just my luck, the crowd came. One thing I was really excited on was the cash register. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A CASHIER PRESSING ALL THOSE BUTTONS. (Yeah, i like pressing buttons. So sue me. ) Anyways, about two weeks later, I finally got to manage and open the shop by myself. Having the new outlet at Nex, that was my main outlet. Opening the shop gave me a sense of independence and I felt really proud. Heck, I was still the baby of the staff. I realise when you are behind the counter, you get to experience many different types of people. From the Kiasu Singaporeans to those that are really willing to spend to those that are health conscious. Yes, sometimes I do get mad at customers but the customers are always right? eck.

Once I got scolded for talking in the wrong language -.- This guy bought from me and he spoke chinese but being me I always speak in English. (Not like I hate Chinese or anything but….) Anyways, he scolded me for not replying in Chinese! I WAS LIKE WHAT THE FISHCAKES?! Is there a policy that I have to reply in Chinese?! Dude, you are freaking Singaporean i thought. Another time, this lady complained that I gave her too little yogurt and toppings, but honestly, her cup was so full I could hardly put anymore in. Yup, it was these kinds of people that really turned me off. But of course, there were some really nice customers. One being Sezari Sezali…. that Singapore Idol dude…. I gave him extra toppings 😛

One thing I really liked about working was THE MONEY. Getting your first pay o.o and even though I wasn’t paid a lot by the hour but seeing how much I worked per week, well that was just good enough 🙂 so yeah YOU REALLY HAVE TO TRY IT. It’s just different from the rest!

Have I bored you? I guess so? But till now, I still wonder to myself, what exactly do I want to be when I grow up? A filmmaker? A Photojournalist? Go into business? I like many things but I don’t know which one I really love. Decisions, decisions. Gosh, it sucks.

[insert title here]

11 May


It’s been going great so far, started Sports and Wellness(Tennis) on monday and it’s pretty interesting. The coach dude is going to teach us how to juggle WHICH I have been trying to teach myself since last year but obviously I failed.

Pressure is really starting to come (in school and out). Especially from Art :/ I really gotta work on it if I’m gonna pass and do well! BUT seeing that my last art lesson before this was in Sec 1, it’s just gonna take some time….. and to be honest, my mother did almost all my art homework for me in primary school. YES, MY MOTHER HELPED ME. I could say I was never the arty farty type of person (except for the fact that I was from band) and honestly, I find studying…. history or doing maths less stressful. It actually feels weird now coming to school and not doing core topics like Geog or Chem and I could say I enjoy it but sometimes I think, I have just wasted whatever I studied. HEH. Anyways….

I was also looking forward to the Photography module before school started but right now my impression of it is – – – – – – (i dont know what that means). The module is kinda dull. Sorry teacher who teaches us. So, right now Storytelling takes the prize for being the class I’m most looking forward to every week.

BTW Next friday, its Friday the 13th. (SORRY I HAD TO)

ps. still looking for someone to play the role of a mom or sister in my short film. thanks 🙂 can get your mother, sister, auntie, godmother, grandmother, cousin, second cousin, neighbor!

yellow wellow.

7 May

I think I will write about the week. Yeah, second week of school. SECOND WEEK ONLY?! Feels like months.

I’m slowly getting used to poly life after being errr in an all girls school (CHIJ!) for 10 years. It’s really a big change and like suddenly I can’t do or say anymore girl stuff or just shout it across the room like in IJ. I really miss IJ AND the travel time. It used to only take me 20 mintues to go home from school but now it takes me 1 (1/2) hours or so to go to and fro school! Plus, coming to this side of Singapore is REALLY NEW for me. But nothing lasts forever. Too be honest, I’ve gotten to know A LOT of other schools I have never heard off for 10 years…… Like erm, jurongtown, clementi town, something, something…. yeah. So forgive me if i’m like huh.

OH RIGHT, the second week of school. Ah, 2D Art was ….. the last art lesson I had before that was SEC 1. And even in Sec 1, art was just like….. a subject which nobody bothered about. BUT THIS TIME, IT’S SERIOUS :O

Design and Typo was fun. For now. Storytelling was awesome. Writ Comm was _______. Photography was hilarious. French was good. Alright I’ll talk about something more interesting the next time.

PS. any of your mother, auntie, sister, godma, grandmother, godsister, cousin is interested in acting? Please tell me! Thanks.

My first assignment.

28 Apr

So, our teacher Leslie (hi if you are reading this) gave us our first assignment today. To write about something or anything that happened. So…….

I’m going to start filming my documentary on Saturday and I am actually pretty excited and scared at the same time. It’s my first time filming for such a big project and I really hope it turns out awesomeeeee. Yeah, this documentary may just be 5 minutes or so after editing but apparently filming will take hours!

Anyways, if you are wondering, I’m in a 12 week workshop at Tisch School of The Arts Asia and honestly I am really happy to have been given this opportunity to work with them. Hopefully, this workshop will attract more people next year and give young Singaporeans a chance to also learn more about the film industry and who knows, one of them might even become the next big filmmaker.

So enough for now, I am sure I will post again on Saturday or Sunday to talk more about what I did and to also maybe bore you a bit more.

Bye (Leslie).